To Our Readers

We have been on an incredible ride for the last week; I can’t even remember all of the radio, print and television interviews we’ve done. Every morning another batch of op-eds credits us, along with other bloggers like Charles Johnson and the Freepers, with bringing down the CBS News empire. I’m told that tonight they were showing screen shots of Power Line on the NBC Nightly News.
That’s fun and gratifying, of course, but we don’t want you to think that it’s going to our heads. I was on the Hugh Hewitt show tonight, and Hugh asked whether I was surprised at the hate we were getting from the establishment media. I said not at all; on the other hand, I was surprised at how much credit we were getting from so many sources. Too much credit: as I told Hugh, the real credit belongs to our readers, not us. We knew nothing about military protocol, type fonts of the ’70s, when General Staudt retired, and so on. The power of the blogosphere (more properly, the internet) does not lie in a handful of bloggers with well-read sites. It resides in the hundreds of thousands, or millions, of smart, well-informed, engaged readers who, collectively, have amazing knowledge and expertise in just about any area you can think of. What is new is the ability to bring together these disparate sources of knowledge, analyze them, and disseminate them in real time. We help to do this, but on a big, fast-breaking story like this one, the real impetus comes from our readers–a point we make in every interview we give.
Along with the thanks, an apology. Over the last week, we have been absolutely inundated with emails. This was great, and we were able to use some of them to push the CBS story forward. But they overflowed our inbox, and at times stopped coming in until we could clear out more space. We tried to read them all, but I’m sure we missed some, and we couldn’t begin to respond to more than a handful. Our site was actually down, briefly, yesterday because of the bottleneck in our email account.
So please don’t be offended if you’ve emailed us and we haven’t responded; it just hasn’t been humanly possible. At the same time, don’t stop sending us your thoughts and information, as emails from our readers are where we get lots of our best stuff.
So, thanks again to the people who make the blogosphere the powerful force it has become: our readers.


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