A Sign of the Times

In the photo below, three-year-old Sophia Parlock cries while sitting on her father’s shoulders. Her Bush-Cheney sign was grabbed by Democratic thugs and ripped to pieces, reducing the child to tears. We are picking up more and more reports of this kind of behavior by Democrats on the campaign trail. A week or two ago, this partisan violence, once unheard of in Minnesota politics, occurred at the Minnesota State Fair when Democratic thugs roughed up a couple of Republican college students.
The Democrats’ violent tactics don’t seem to be doing them much good, however, as the latest Gallup poll has the President leading by fourteen points. That isn’t right, of course, but it indicates how the race is going, and why Kerry supporters are increasingly resorting to violence.
UPDATE: A number of lefty sites have gone ballistic over this post. Some point to news reports indicating that Mr. Parlock has been assaulted by Democrats, to one degree or another, in two prior elections. This, they suggest, means that he must be some kind of a fraud. To me, it sounds like an indictment of West Virginia Democrats, not Parlock. The other tack that some lefties have taken is to say that no one should take a young child to a political event. In other words, we Democrats are so vicious, so violent and so unpredictable that you should not bring young children to a public place if there is a danger that Democrats may be around. An odd defense, in my opinion.
One last theory: some lefties have alleged that the union guy on the left in the photo is actually Parlock’s son, impersonating a Democrat thug. Michelle Malkin has interviewed Parlock, who laughs at that suggestion, pointing out that he lives in a small town where his son would instantly be recognized.
And the President of the IUPAT has apologized to Parlock.
FURTHER UPDATE: The Washington Times has more.


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