Dole Weighs In, one of the most contemptible political organizations in American history, has produced an ad titled “Quagmire” which attacks President Bush on the war and describes American soldiers as “poorly equipped.” The ad shows an American soldier sinking into quicksand (or something) and being defeated. The ad can be viewed here.
Today, Drudge reported this statement by Bob Dole in response to the ad:

As Chairman of the Bush-Cheney Veterans Coalition, and as a veteran, I call on John Kerry to demand that take down their ad depicting a defeated American soldier.
It’s one thing to debate whether we should take the fight to the terrorists, but depicting an American soldier in effect surrendering in the battle against the terrorists is beyond the pale.
I cannot believe that John Kerry, who reminds us daily of his Vietnam service, would possibly approve the disgusting and demoralizing portrayal of American soldiers fighting for us in Iraq, Afghanistan and around the world.
John Kerry has raised doubts about our troops’ ability to maintain security as well as Iraqi’s ability to decide their own future through elections. He has called the allies in Iraq “window dressing.” This is all reminiscent of his appearance before a Senate Committee in 1971 where he suggested with nothing but second hand information American GIs were committing atrocities and war crimes of the worst kind in Vietnam.
This defeatist attitude undermines the great progress and sacrifices of our men and women in the military and the contributions of our allies who are fighting against terror and standing up for freedom around the world.
The politics of pessimism that is being pursued by John Kerry and the extreme liberals demonstrates they are consumed by the past with nothing to offer but attacks on the President’s agenda for creating a safer world.
John, say it isn’t so and denounce this latest effort to divide Americans.

Somehow this whole 527 thing isn’t playing out quite the way the Democrats had planned.


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