Meet Buckhead

Peter Wallsten follows up his September 12 reconstruction of the genesis of Hurricane Dan with an article on his discovery of Buckhead’s identity, Atlanta attorney Harry MacDougald: “Blogger who faulted CBS documents is conservative activist.” Liz MacDougald wrote us Thursday morning to make sure we knew that the email we had been sent by a reader whom we named actually reflected points Buckhead had raised in Free Republic post no. 47 and we revised our initial post consistent with the information provided by Mrs. (I assume) MacDougald.
Courtesy of Hugh Hewitt. And please check out Ernest Miller’s “Incompetent or Unethical? The story of CBS News’ response to Killian memos” over at Corante — with thanks for redirecting traffic from my originally mistaken link.
UPDATE: Don’t miss Charles Johnson‘s expert commentary: “LA Times slimes Buckhead, bloggers.”