Meet David Van Os

David Van Os is the lawyer for Bill Burkett. Burkett is thought to be the source of the forged memos used by CBS against President Bush. Reader Tom von Gremp directed me to this summarized campaign biography of Mr. Van Os (he’s running as a Democrat for the Texas Supreme Court). Among the highlights:
“Attended every Texas Democratic State Convention since 1974”
“Ran in statewide General Election as Democrat for Texas Supreme Court in 1998”
“2000-2003 – Chairman North East Bexar County Democrats”
“Traveled to Palm Beach, Florida in November-December 2000 to assist Democratic Party in vote recount efforts”
Van Os is no fan of Karl Rove. He posted this piece by Bush hater James Moore on his campaign website. Here’s the first real paragraph:
“The Swift Boat Veterans for Lies is but a tiny piece of a schematic Rove has been carrying in his head since his salad days in Texas. Bush’s Brain will die happy the day he achieves his two greatest goals. The first of these is to turn the U.S. into what is fundamentally a one-party system. Secondly, he wants the federal government to have so little money that it can do nothing to get in the way of business interests; nor will it be able to sustain any kind of socially progressive assistance for disadvantaged Americans.”
How do you think the Kerry campaign and the DNC feel about the fact that Van Os is representing Bill Burkett?


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