Inside Hurricane Dan

The Los Angeles Times takes a look at the development of the 60 Minutes story from inside CBS: “In the rush for a scoop, CBS found trouble fast.”
UPDATE: I should have noted that the gist of the CBS line presented in the Times story is that CBS would not have run with the story if the White House had objected to the documents. One of the inisidious elements of the CBS/60 Minutes documents is the fabrication of the supposed “personal file” of a deceaed officer from which they allegedly emanated.
The Times does not ask whether CBS disclosed its interviews with Mrs. Killian and her son that would have raised questions regarding the authenticity of the documents; I assume it didn’t. Should the White House have sought to verify the existence of a “personal file” obtained from sources CBS refused to disclose and undertaken its own investigation of the documents? I think it should have only if it had reason to be cynical about every element of CBS’s story, as in retrospect all but CBS see that it did.


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