And Now, For Something Completely Different

Newcomers to Power Line may not know that, while we are mostly a hard-news site, we do take time out for other interests from time to time. Thus, the Trunk writes about American popular music, Deacon writes about English premier league soccer, and I write about baseball–how ’bout those Twins?–and beauty pageants. Just because those are things we like.
Our Miss World coverage was very popular, and I scored an internet first by live-blogging the Miss Universe pageant.
Tonight is the finals of the Miss America pageant. Miss America is not, in truth, my favorite, although we have covered it in the past. I think this is because those who run the pageant take themselves very seriously as sponsors of a scholarship competition, so that the contestants tend to have somewhat the air of librarians. You keep wanting to take their glasses off.
This year, the pageant apparently decided to spice things up a bit, and caused some controversy by introducing new, skimpy bikinis made by Speedo. I doubt that anyone was particularly shocked; here is Miss Florida, who won the first night’s swimsuit competition; click to enlarge.

I should add, though, that the most impressive and likable person I met at the Republican National Convention was recent Miss America Erika Harold, who gave us bloggers a delightful interview. If this year’s winner is anywhere near as impressive, it will all be worthwhile.


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