A Primer on Kerry and Vietnam

Why John Kerry chose to run for President as the Vietnam candidate, we’ll never understand. But he did, and this morning, the Trunk, Captain Ed and I lay out the basics on Kerry in Vietnam and Cambodia and Kerry the Antiwar Activist in the New York Post. These two articles are intended as a primer for those who have followed the Kerry story only casually, and as an update that sums up the current state of the evidence and the questions that remain unanswered by Senator Kerry. Some of these questions, of course, could be answered if Kerry would only make public the rest of his military records.
For the Trunk and me, writing these newspaper columns represents a return to our origins as pundits. While the Post people were great to work with, the process was a reminder of how much we enjoy the freedom and immediacy of blogging.
BIG TRUNK adds: Thanks to Post columnist/reporter Deborah Orin, whose meeting with Rocket Man on Bloggers’ Row during the Republican Convention led to this assignment from the Post.


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