Sneak Preview

Over the weekend, Time magazine sent us the access code to view its upcoming issue, which I believe will hit the newsstands on Tuesday. As of this morning, it looks like all of the articles on the CBS scandal are in place, as is the cover.
It turns out that we did, indeed, make the cover. Sort of. Assuming the cover they print is the one they are showing on the site, it is a collage of photographs. The lower left is a shot of the Trunk and me in my house, blogging together. Only they superimposed another photo over the right half of ours, so that what you actually see is the Trunk from behind. At first I thought I’d been cut out of the cover altogether, but then I realized that if you look carefully, you can just make out my left foot in the corner of the photo.
There is another picture on the inside which is actually very good–it shows both of us, and from the side rather than from behind, with a nice screen shot of Power Line.
Time being Time, of course, the pictures are the highlight. I can’t say much for the articles. The one that talks about us specifically focuses mainly on Buckhead, and seems to view it as a stunning revelation that he is a Republican. Time recounts, sort of, our role in the events of Sept. 9, but its only reference to the content of our post, “The Sixty-First Minute,” which was updated fifteen times during the day, and then supplemented by a series of new posts, is this:

Among the assertions: 1970s-era typewriters couldn’t have produced the superscript th that appears in the memos (this was later disproved).

So people who rely on Time for their news will only hear about one small aspect of the analysis our readers provided that day, and will believe–incorrectly–that on that point, our readers were wrong.
But, hey, I can’t complain. From now on, I’ll be able to say that my left foot made the cover of Time.


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