Media Frenzy

I think I did seven or eight radio and television interviews today. If I can find the TV ones, and they seem half-way good, I’ll link to them. The subject was of course CBS’s grudging acknowledgement that the 60 Minutes documents might possibly be inauthentic.
The other fun news for us was the new issue of Time, just out today, which has a shot of us on the cover–kind of. Here it is:
In the lower left, you can see a nice shot of the carpet in my loft and two chairs. That’s Trunk, seen from behind, working away at my iMac. I was sitting just to his right, but they cut me out of the shot by putting someone on top of me. However, if you look closely, my left foot is barely visible.
This photo is more satisfactory; you can actually see both of us, and it accompanies a story titled “The Bloggers: How to Knock Down A Story.”
There is a third shot, too, but it is part of the Table of Contents and apparently is not available online.
DEACON adds: I had the pleasure of watching Rocket Man on CNBC’s Capital Report. Rocket just thrashed Jonathan Klein (no way to thank the guy who came up with the “pajama” theme). I hope that when the networks get tired of the Dan Rather story, they will keep calling Rocket to present conservative positions. For my money, he’s better than nearly every conservative talking head out there.


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