The spreading stain

Reader Ed Cottingham writes:

Todays NYT inside story on Rathergate led with the appointment of the panel. Halfway down is the hottest Rathergate item since the Mapes/Lockhart contact surfaced:

In an interview on Monday, Mr. Rather said that on learning that Ms. Mapes had obtained the documents, he called Mr. Heyward.
“This is not verbatim,” Mr. Rather recalled. “But I said: ‘Andrew, if true, it’s breakthrough stuff. But I need to do something unusual. It may even be
unique. I have to ask you to oversee, in a hands-on way, the handling of this story, because this is potentially the kind of thing that will cause great controversy.’
“He got it. He immediately agreed.”

The Times story referred to by Mr. Cottingham is “CBS appoints 2-man panel to investigate Guard report.”


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