Sister Kerry

Katherine Mangu-Ward has strong piece in the Weekly Standard (with a great title which I have stolen) about John Kerry’s sister in Australia. As Mangu-Ward notes, “As the head of Americans Overseas for Kerry, Diana Kerry is a campaign official. And she was speaking in that capacity when, in reference to the invasion of Iraq, she said, ‘Australia has kept faith with the U.S., and we are endangering the Australians now by this wanton disregard for international law and multilateral channels.'” Apart from the fact that Ms. Kerry is attempting to undermine our coalition in Iraq, Mangu-Ward points out that her claim that Australian security is at greater risk due to its willingness to assist the U.S. in Iraq relies on an incorrect timeline.
Reader Joseph Gautier offers these additional observations:
“We all know that Kerry’s sister is over in Australia telling the Aussies to vote for their [leftist] candidate if they want to be safer from terrorist attacks; that they need to pull their troops out of Iraq, and not help the U.S. (because that’s why they will be, and have been attacked). So, how is this NOT a soft terrorist attack on Australia from the Kerry campaign? She goes over there, and with words instead of bombs, terrorizes the Aussies to vote liberal; to sway the election. And if the liberal Aussie candidate wins (their election being held Oct.9), he announces the withdrawal of Australian troops out of Iraq (like Spain). A huge blow to the coalition, and Bush campaign (just before our election). How convenient. Here is the Kerry campaign, swearing they could build a larger coalition, all the while trying as hard as they can to destroy the already-in-place coalition. Partisan politics ahead of national security. This is exactly the kind of stuff Zell Miller is so perturbed about!”


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