Kerry Sees Wisconsin Slipping Away…

…so what does he do? Pathetically, he announces another Bush “secret plan” to somehow damage dairy farmers:

Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry told voters in America’s Dairyland on Monday that President Bush had a secret plan that would hurt milk producers after the election.
Kerry tried to convince voters in this rural community, where he is practicing for Thursday’s debate, that he would look out for dairy farms here even though he hadn’t always in the past.
In the 1990s, Kerry supported the Northeast Dairy Compact, a regional pricing program that propped up prices for Northeastern dairy farmers over objections from their Midwestern counterparts.
“We’ve had a difference between the Midwest and the Northeast,” Kerry said. “I’m going to be very upfront with you about it. As a senator representing Massachusetts, I fought for the dairy compact and fought to have our dairy farmers get help,” the four-term lawmaker said. “I’m running for president of the United States now and I intend to represent all the farmers of America.”
Kerry said Bush is opposing an effort to extend the Milk Income Loss Contract that helps dairy farmers when milk prices drop and is set to expire in October 2005. He said the Bush administration would wait until after the election to act so voters in swing dairy states wouldn’t turn against him. The Bush campaign issued a statement that said accounts of White House opposition to the milk program are false.

John Kerry has finally made a pledge that voters can believe: if elected, he promises to flip-flop, abandoning the position he has held through his nineteen-year Senate career!
I’m not sure this is the lowest moment of Kerry’s pathetic campaign, but it’s a contender.


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