The way we weren’t

I finally got around to reading the The New York Times Magazine piece on left-wing bloggers. I must say that, unlike Rocket Man, I rather enjoyed the story. It didn’t bother me that the focus was on lefty bloggers. First, any half-way decent story on blogging in a major publication is good for all bloggers. Second, there likely will be similar stories about conservative bloggers soon enough. Third, as Evagelical Outposts argues, the piece is not particularly kind to the liberals it profiled.
I guess I liked the story mainly because it provided me with a glimpse into a related but different world than the one we occupy — the world of bloggers who are (1) liberal and (2) relatively young. Excluding the part about Wonkette, the Times has profiled the blogger I might have been, and if the profile is even roughly accurate, the blogger I’m glad I never was.


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