Ending the Evening On A Happy Note

Our readers tell us that President Bush’s appearances in Ohio today were greeted by unexpectedly huge and rapturous crowds. Even Reuters was impressed, as they published this photo of a lovely young Republican:
Babes for Bush is actually a movement, with a web site and a store, and lots of fine representatives, like Garrette and Brooke. Feel free to join in!
This ties in, I think, with our post earlier today about how young Americans are flocking to George W. Bush. It’s noteworthy, I think, that there is not even the hint of a grass roots “Babes for Kerry” movement. Indeed, such a thing is almost unthinkable. I can imagine “Ladies for Lurch,” “Heiresses for the Airhead,” and so on–but “Babes for Kerry”? No way.
Just another sign that we’re cruising to victory.
ONE MORE THING: The young lady in the photo is wearing a very profound “Friends Don’t Let Friends Vote Democrat” button. If every Republican persuaded a single misguided, undecided voter to either stay home or vote for the President, the election would be a landslide. “Each one teach one,” as the Commies used to say, many years ago.


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