More Voter Fraud

Michelle Malkin has a good roundup on attempted voter fraud in Tennessee, Ohio, Michigan, West Virginia and Wisconsin.
A few days ago, we noted attempted voter fraud in Wisconsin by a liberal group called the “New Voter Project.” Michelle reports that a criminal investigation of the liberal group is about to be undertaken:

A group that says it has registered 30,000 voters in southeastern Wisconsin could face a criminal investigation because of voter registration applications that may have been filed fraudulently.
Acting Racine City Clerk Carolyn Moskonas said Tuesday she will ask the district attorney’s office to investigate at least six voter registration applications filed by Project Vote.
That non-profit organization, which also has filed scores of Racine applications that contain bogus addresses, has fired its Racine-area coordinator because of problems with the filings.

The Presidential election had better not be close. Because if it is close, the Democrats will steal it.


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