Silky Kerry

If you’re a horse racing fan of a certain age, you might enjoy this bit of election handicapping by my conservative cousin from New York:
“Your Power Line post suggests that the MSM will seek to hype a comeback kid scenario for Kerry. Remember how, after Iowa, MSM compared Kerry to Seabiscuit, the legendary underdog and likened Bush to War Admiral, the horse with all the advantages. Actually, in equestrian terms Kerry is more like Silky Sullivan the famous race horse of the late fifties. Early in his career Silky, who like Kerry invoked an Irish persona to many of his fans, came from behind to win races out West but proved disappointing on the grand stage at the 1958 Kentucky Derby. Bush is more like Seattle Slew an unheralded late bloomer who blew away highly touted competition in race after race to become a Triple Crown winner.”