Wizbang Nails Globe, “Expert”

You may have seen reports that some alleged “expert” has given the opinion that the forged CBS documents on President Bush’s National Guard service are authentic. We haven’t followed this closely, since this story is as dead as a door nail, and an “expert” can be found to say absolutely anything. When Bill Burkett says the documents were handed to him by some guy he never saw before at a livestock show, and unfortunately he burned the originals, I don’t think we need to spend a lot more time on the story. It’s time to move on, as a certain 527 used to say.
But our friends at Wizbang have done a great job of nipping this latest fraud in the bud. The “expert” in question is one Professor David Hailey, a Kerry contributor–what a surprise. The Wizbang guys took the evidence that Hailey had committed forgery off Hailey’s web server:

Here is a hint for the good Professor– If you are going to forge documents DON’T LEAVE THE EVIDENCE on your webserver.
And if you don’t think that TH nailed him, feel free to download the PHOTOSHOP DOCUMENT he was working on when he created the forgery.
Not only did he forge the document but he left the work in progress in an open web folder.
And Professor, if you are reading this- and I know someone will mail it to you, I have downloaded your entire website as evidence and I saved screen caps of it, so don’t bother delete it. I also had an interesting phone call with the head of your department. You might give him a call.
Did you think we were stupid?

Latest word from Wizbang is that the Boston GLobe, which had been hot to run with the story, is backing off.
I can’t judge what the Wizbang guys are saying from a technical standpoint, but they supply links if you want to see the materials they pulled off Prof. Hailey’s server.


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