Media alert

I’ll be joining Kevin Whalen of Pundit Review on his Pundit Review Radio show this morning during the 11:00 a.m. (Central) hour to discuss Hurricane Dan. Kevin’s show is broadcast over Boston’s business radio station WBIX (AM 1260) and is streamed over the Internet via the link accessible on its site. (Kevin also archives the week’s show on his site.)
Dean Esmay of Dean’s World will precede me on the show today to discuss his Internet-based charity Operation Give. The call-in number for the show is 877-711-1060; please listen if you can and give us a call.
We are broadcasting our Northern Alliance Radio Network show from Downtown Jaguar in Minneapolis at noon (Central) today; please join us if you can. The show is also streamed over the Internet through the link accessible on the NARN logo over on our left margin. During the second hour I’ll be interviewing Minneapolis attorney and author David Lebedoff regarding his new book, The Uncivil War: How a New Elite is Destroying Our Democracy. David is my friend one of the smartest guys I know; his new book presents his long-standing thesis regarding the usurpation of democracy by, well, tune in and find out by whom.
I’ve been a fan of David for more than thirty years, since I first read his books The Twenty-First Ballot: A Political Party Struggle in Minnesota and Ward Number Six. These prescient books taught me more about Minnesota politics than anything else I have ever read, and they opened a window onto the political and cultural trends David observes in his new book.
David’s most recent book prior to The Uncivil War is Cleaning Up, the story of the civil trial resulting from the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill. Amazon’s Tim Hogan provides a perfect take on the book: “Cleaning Up meticulously reconstructs how one of the worst environmental disasters in history led to the biggest drunk-driving case of all time, but Lebedoff takes the nonfiction legal thriller one step further, personalizing the enormous impersonal devastation, adding flesh and faces to the skeletal frame provided by headlines.”


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