General Hodges speaks

Reader Susie White has kindly alerted us to this Dallas Observer column by Mark Stuertz on retired Major General Bobby Hodges and the misuse of his testimony by CBS/60 Minutes for its hit job on President Bush: “Poke in the eye.” Please read the whole thing.
Incidentally, Stuertz’s efforts to elicit CBS’s side of the story result in this paragraph:

CBS News didn’t return calls for comment, and Mapes declined to discuss Hodges’ charges. “I can’t, I just can’t,” she says. But she did forward a study by Utah State University Associate Professor David Hailey disputing the contention that the memos were created on a word processor using digital type rather than a ’70s-era typewriter–the key challenge to their authenticity. “I really believe they are not digitally produced,” Hailey says. “I’m not saying that they’re authentic. I’m saying they were probably typewritten. That doesn’t make them authentic. But it does take CBS off the hook a little bit.”

We noted Kevin Aylward’s dissection of Hailey’s report in “Wizbang nails Globe, ‘expert.'”


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