Media Alert

This afternoon at around 1:30 central time, I’m doing a half-hour interview on the Tammy Bruce show. If you’re by a computer, an internet stream should be available through the Talk Radio Network. Check Tammy’s site for a link.
Tonight, I’ll be on NBC Nighly News after the Vice-Presidential debate, along with a number of other pundits, commenting on the event. Do you suppose Tom Brokaw will call me a “jihadist”? My opposite number as a Democratic blogger will be Ana Marie Cox, the Wonkette. So, let’s see….I’m middle-aged and boring, while the Wonkette is young and pretty, but not otherwise conspicuously qualified. Hmmm. Seems like there’s an analogy lurking there somewhere.
UPDATE: I’ll also be on CNBC’s Capitol Report tonight; I think it airs at 7:00 Eastern time.


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