The Deer Hunter

We know that John Kerry has incorporated Apocalypse Now into his own rich fantasy life. It appears that Kerry (whom we have described as the Walter Mitty of Presidential candidates) may also have drawn on another Vietnam era movie, The Deer Hunter.
Reader Mike Schneider wrote us to point to a post on the blog, Travelling Shoes:

Senator von Munchausen
From this month’s Field and Stream comes this tidbit in an interview with John “The Fabulist” Kerry.
F&S: What’s the biggest deer you ever killed?
Kerry: Probably an 8-pointer, something like that. Nothing terribly big…I once had an incredible encounter with the most enormous buck – I don’t know, 16 points or something. It was just huge. And I failed to pull the trigger at the right moment. I was hunting down in Massachusetts, on the Cape.
Holy Cats! A 16-pointer that got away, and on Cape Cod no less!
Two things: First, an 8 pointer would be huge, a buck of a life-time for most guys. And a 16-pointer would be the grand-daddy of all New England deer, in fact, it’d be close to a Massachusett record.
Second, no one hunts deer on Cape Cod. In fact anti-hunting activists are particularly active on the Cape.
He wasn’t in Cambodia, it’s beginning to look like he didn’t run the Boston Marathon, and now this.
Perhaps it’s time we started calling him Senator Munchhausen.

The post has links to the Field and Stream article, information about deer hunting in Massachusetts, and on Kerry’s participation (or lack thereof) in the Boston Marathon. Having spent a little time on Cape Cod, it is hard to imagine that anyone would hunt deer there. Let alone bag the biggest deer in Massachusetts history!
UPDATE: Reader Steve St. Clair wrote to say that there are indeed deer on Cape Cod. It’s an interesting Google point: If you Google “deer hunting on Cape Cod,” as Mike Schneider did, you get nothing. But Googling “deer hunting cape cod” does generate some entries, although I’m still skeptical that there are record-setting racks hiding among the sand dunes. Which would make the Kerry’s anecdote more of a fish story than a fable. In any event, note the lightning-fast corrections you get in the blogosphere!


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