The Strib Does a Puff Piece

We have sort of a love-hate relationship with the Minneapolis Star Tribune. We’ve gone after them many times, and we recently had a battle with Assistant Editor Jim Boyd, who, with no provocation whatsoever, attacked us in the newspaper. That dust-up ended happily. For us, anyway. At the same time, the Strib’s commentary editor, Eric Ringham, is a good guy who has printed many of our columns over the years, and we have other friends at the paper. Meanwhile, our rivaly with the Strib has faded as our readership has grown far beyond theirs.
In any event, the Strib publishes a once-a-week South Metro section for people like us who live in the southern suburbs. Today, the South Metro Edition includes a front-page profile of me. It’s a pretty nice piece with a good photo, but it won’t tell regular readers anything they don’t already know.
Mrs. Rocket was a little concerned about whether the Strib might be planning a hit piece on me, but I reassured her: any reporter who wants to know the names and ages of your children is planning a puff piece, not a hit piece.
So, for today at least, we declare a truce in our battle with the liberal media. And thanks to Strib reporter Christina Preiss, who did today’s story.


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