Unapologetic media alert

I debated former Hennepin County (Minneapolis) Attorney Tom Johnson before a distinguished audience of judges and attorneys this past June. I disputed Tom’s long-standing position that the cause of racial disparities in the criminal justice system is racial bias on the part of police and prosecutors.
The debate was recorded for broadcast by the local public television affiliate along with the rest of the legal program that included our debate. The program is scheduled for broadcast tomorrow night on channel 17 in the Twin Cities.
My day job colleague Peter Swanson of SwanBlog attended the program this past June and has posted a complimentary assessment of my performance: “Media Alert, ‘Racial Profiling,’ and Murderapolis.”
Glenn Reynolds has posted the video of the MSNBC piece reported by Monica Novotny that I appeared on briefly last night with Glenn and Markos before the debate: “Season of the blogs.”


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