In which Jessica keeps her promise

We’ve been following the incredible story of the devastating brain injury suffered by Army Staff Sgt. Jessica Clements in Iraq, and her remarkable recovery-in-progress. Minneapolis Star Tribune reporter Maura Lerner has told the story in two previous installments that we linked in “A purple heart for Jessica” and in “Putting Jessica back together.”
Please catch up with the story if you haven’t been following it, and don’t miss Lerner’s concluding installment today: “There’s no place like home.” (Here are links to the first two parts of Lerner’s series on Jessica: “Back from Iraq one step at a time” and “Hoping to be whole again.”) The Star Tribune has also posted a slide show of photos and audio recordings that are accessible through this link. Below is a photo that ran with the first installment of Lerner’s story. Jessica’s spirit seems to radiate from the photo.
The Star Tribune caption reads: “Staff Sgt. Jessica Clements, 27, faces many more months of rehabilitation work and additional medical procedures to recover from serious injuries she suffered while on duty in Iraq. Clements is being treated at the Minneapolis VA Medical Center and will eventually transfer back to Walter Reed Army Medical Center for continued treatment. One of Clements’ goals is to walk down the aisle at her own wedding without the aid of a cane.” (Star Tribune photo by Jim Gehrz.)


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