Jose Lima: An update

Earlier this year we noted the singing of the national anthem and “God Bless America” by Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Jose Lima before a game with the Cubs. Lima is from the Dominican Republic, but performing the songs meant something special to him: “I’m going to apply for citizenship,” Lima said. “I love this country. ‘God Bless America’ is one of my favorite songs.”
We cheered Lima’s performance in “Lima hits a homer” and included the photo (above) of Lima in mid-song. Unfortunately, the photo had been cropped by to omit Lima’s wife. Reader Marcus Esmay wrote us to point out that the photo we posted had been cropped and that the cropped photo concealed part of “why Lima is so happy in America.” We felt obligated to set the record straight and therefore posted the uncropped photo below that had been forwarded to us by Mr. Esmay.
Yesterday Lima pitched a five-hit shutout against the Cardinals, staving off the Dodgers’ elimination from the playoffs and leading the Dodgers to their first playoff victory in four presidential adminstrations. The Los Angeles Times reports the story in “Lima time of his life.” (Thanks to reader Pete Birkeland.)


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