Swift Boat Vets Assemble in Washington

…where they are filming more commercials which will run between now and Election Day. We have linked to the New York Times’ disingenuous review of Unfit for Command; for a more sympathetic view of the Vets, see today’s Washington Times: “Injured, angry, determined, Swiftees unite to fight Kerry.”
It is stirring to see these veterans, many aged, some infirm, answering the call of duty one last time, to defend their honor and that of their fallen comrades.
And it is heart-breaking to see them reviled and despised once again, as they were so many years ago, in many instances by the same people.
But it’s different now. Some Americans, like John Kerry, seem to have learned nothing since 1971. But there are many Americans who have learned a great deal. So it is no longer a sure thing that these aging veterans will be scorned, that they will not be listened to.


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