Speaking of judicial confirmation wars,

the MSM continues to be fascinated by Justice Thomas. The Washington Post just completed a two-part series on him. This is the first part (linked to by Trunk a few days ago). This is the second.
These sorts of pieces about Thomas appear fairly regularly. They always cover the same territory — was the Justice scarred by his confirmation hearings, why doesn’t he ask questions from the bench, is he a tool of Justice Scalia, etc. The bottom line always seems to be that Thomas is a “strange justice,” to borrow the title of a book about Thomas and Anita Hill by two MSM mainstays (Jane Mayer and Jill Abramson). We almost never see pieces about two Justices that I find a bit strange — Justice Ginsberg (why does she ask so many questions?) and Justice Souter (how did someone nominated by a Republican president turn out to be so liberal?). Nor do we see much about Justice Kennedy, as a sometime swing vote who seems more important than Justice Thomas, or about Justice Breyer, a fairly interesting guy.
The latest round from the Post doesn’t break the mold. It’s perhaps a bit less hostile than earlier MSM salvos, and the Post appears to have figured out that
Thomas is hardly in Scalia’s pocket. Those with an interest in the Justice are better advised to check out the recent biography by Ken Foskett.


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