Chely’s bumper

Reader Sherrie Zabinski has alerted us to this story about country music artist Chely Wright and “The Bumper of My SUV,” her important new song: “New Chely Wright recording to benefit Stars for Stripes.” (Click here for the link to Chely’s site for the song.) Don’t miss this one.
HINDROCKET adds: This really is a great story. Not long ago we did a post on “Celebrities, Theirs and Ours.” Chely Wright is definitely one of ours. As the story linked to above notes, she has toured Iraq twice to entertain the troops, at risk of her own safety:

“You did what few have done,” wrote another soldier in Iraq. “You put your life on the line to give the troops a good time and bring us a little joy. Guess what? It worked! We had fun!”
The trip was not without its low spots and reminders about the cost of war and freedom. During one show, a rocket was fired over the stage, although the round turned out to be a dud and no one was hurt.
During the closing days of the tour, Wright learned that a soldier she had met and posed for a photo with during her concert at Camp Summerall was killed in an ambush the following day.

So if you like country music–and if you don’t, hey, maybe you could start–it wouldn’t hurt to buy one of her CDs.


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