Who Do You Expect Bad Poll Data From?

Newsweek, that’s who. The current Newsweek is headlined “Neck and Neck,” while the magazine describes the Presidential race as a “dead heat.” In fact, though, Newsweek’s poll has President Bush with a six-point advantage among likely voters.
The poll’s internal numbers don’t seem to be divulged, but it’s pretty obviously worthless–like prior Newsweek polls, which have swung wildly from candidate to candidate. Check this out:

Bush has a clear advantage with women, who prefer him 49 percent to 43 percent. Kerry has a slight edge with men, 50 percent to 46 percent.

Bush has clearly gained among women and the debates may have helped Kerry a bit among men, but the data cited by Newsweek are ridiculous. That must have been some sample they polled.
We’ll all be inundated with poll data from now until Nov. 2. This is a reminder of how useless most of those polls will be.


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