Young Republicans Have More Fun

James Hohmann and Grant Anderson are high school classmates and friends of my son Eric. They are outstanding young men in every way, and bloggers to boot. Their Patriot Blog provides a glimpse into the lives and thoughts of some young Americans who are definitely not slackers. James is one of those Zelig-like characters who keep popping up. I bumped into him at the National Review party at the Republican convention in New York. Last night I saw him at the American Experiment function that I posted on here. He told me about hosting a party on the evening of the third Presidential debate. Over 50 kids attended, and some protesters (“Billionaires for Bush”) even showed up. James invited them in for pizza.
This afternoon, James sent us some photos of his debate party. You can see more on Patriot Blog, but this one reminds me that it really is true that Republicans have more fun; click to enlarge:

That’s James in front; Eric is actually in the photo too, but you have to look carefully. Things are getting awfully tense, but it wouldn’t hurt to take a cue from these conservative kids and keep smiling.
Of course, you’d smile too, if you were hanging out with Jenna Bush, like Grant Anderson:


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