An army of one

Daniel Gelernter attends Woodbridge High School in Woodbridge, Connecticut. He has overcome the indoctrination of his high school curriculum to achieve a love of country; his classmates are not so lucky. They have faithfully absorbed their teachers’ opinions and their textbooks’ misinformation. Gelernter concludes:

Perhaps needless to add, there are no lessons on the virtue of patriotism. Like the textbooks, my teachers are extremely charitable when discussing American enemies; from the Soviet Union to the Vietnamese Communists, they all get the benefit of the doubt. I would like to believe that this is only a temporary situation, perhaps one that a few well-placed educational reformers could begin to correct. But my fear is that it will take a long time to repair our public schools. Meanwhile, what will become of a country whose youngest citizens have been taught to have so little affection for it?

Like James Hohmann and Grant Anderson, Gelernter is an outstanding young man of good humor and a worthy blog, Republican Dan. Unlike Hohmann and Anderson, however, Gelernter is fighting a rearguard action in hostile territory. Thus the title of his Weekly Standard article: “An army of one.”


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