Pattern perception

There seems to be a pattern forming in the foreign endorsements John Kerry is racking up. See if you can spot the pattern. First, on the occasion of Ramadan former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahatir Mohamad asked all American Muslims to vote for Kerry. Second, today Palestinian Authority foreign minister Nabil Sha’ath has weighed in on Kerry’s behalf.
What is the pattern of these endorsements? Let’s make this a multiple choice question. A. Both Mohamad and Sha’ath are also big fans of Jimmy Carter. B. Both Mohamad and Sha’ath would prefer that Israel did not exist. C. Both Mohamad and Sha’ath side with the terrorist enemies of the United States. D. Neither Mohamad nor Sha’ath expresses strong positive feelings for the Jewish people. E. All of the above.
We look forward to the MSM seeking an answer to this question from the Kerry campaign. (Thanks to Little Green Footballs and Kerry Spot.)


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