Let’s Gore Crazy

Al Gore went completely nuts tonight, demonstrating that he is in step with the modern Democratic Party. Reuters reports on his speech at Georgetown University:

I’m convinced that most of the president’s frequent departures from fact-based analysis have much more to do with right-wing political and economic ideology than with the Bible. It is love of power for its own sake that is the original sin of this presidency.
The essential cruelty of Bush’s game is that he takes an astonishingly selfish and greedy collection of economic and political proposals and then cloaks them with a phony moral authority, thus misleading many Americans … who have a deep and genuine desire to do good in the world.
Truly, President Bush has stolen the symbolism and body language of religion and used it to disguise the most radical effort in American history to take what rightfully belongs to the American people and give as much of it as possible to the already wealthy and privileged.

As is so often the case when listening to Democratic politicians, the first question is: What the hell are you talking about? What exactly has the Bush administration “taken [that] rightfully belongs to the American people” and “give[n] to the already wealthy and privileged”? If Bush deeded the Grand Canyon to George Soros, Gore might have a point. Or if he taxed the American people to pay the salary of a billionaire Senator who failed to show up for work, I guess that would qualify too.
Oh, wait, that actually happened. But it started long before Bush became President. Kerry has been stealing his salary from the American taxpayers without showing up for work for twenty years, and there wasn’t anything President Bush could have done about it.
Somehow, though, I don’t think that’s what Gore is referring to. But what he is talking about, I haven’t the foggiest idea.


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