Arafat’s last best hope

Yasser Arafat has made one bad decision after another when it comes to promoting the interests of the Palestinian people. However, he rarely errs when his personal interests are at stake. Thus it comes as little surprise that, according to WorldNetDaily, Yasser Arafat is hoping for a Kerry victory in the upcoming election. So says Arafat deputy and chief Palestinian negotiator, Saeb Erekat. Another Arafat crony, who didn’t want to be identified by name, added that Arafat “thinks Kerry will be much better for the Palestinian cause and for the establishment of a Palestinian state.”
As WorldNetDaily explains, Arafat has good reason to favor Kerry. First, consider Kerry’s desire to coordinate American foreign policy with European countries, especially France. These countries favor working with Arafat and, not coincidentally, are hostile to Israel. Bush, on the other hand, has fully backed Ariel Sharon’s decision to isolate Arafat on the grounds that he is directly involved in planning terrorism and is an obstacle to peacemaking. Second, consider Kerry’s appointment of Martin Indyk as an adviser. Indyk, WND reminds us, “was a driving force behind Clinton’s assessment of Arafat as a statesman and urged Clinton to accept Arafat as the legitimate ruler of the Palestinians.” Moreover, “under Indyk’s advisory, Arafat visited the White House during the Clinton administration 24 times, more than any other world leader during those eight years.”
Yes, it is fairly easy to picture Arafat, sitting in his battered Ramallah compound hoping for a Kerry victory. Will Jewish voters in Miami, Philadelphia, and Cleveland give Kerry the margins he needs to make Arafat a White House regular again?


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