Watch For It

ABC’s Note describes the new Bush ad being unveiled today:

As for the new Bush ad, the AP says the spot is, “reminiscent of Ronald Reagan’s ‘Bear’ ad that was credited with framing the 1984 race, (and) shows a dense forest from above. Scurrying is heard as the camera plunges deeper into the woods and pans sunlight-speckled trees. Shadows move through the brush before animals are seen amid the forest. Then, the ad reveals the type of animal: a pack of wolves rest on a hill. As the commercial closes, the cunning and ruthless predators stir, crawling toward the camera.”
One Bush adviser tells ABC News, “The ad was produced and tested months ago. Voter reaction was so powerful that we decided to hold the ad to the end of the campaign and make it ONE of the closing spots. It will run to the end.”
The campaign says the ad will start to air today on national cable and in local markets in battleground states. The AP is reporting the ad will run in 14 states and that with the RNC, the campaign is spending about $15 million total on TV ads this week.

I was one of the few people who didn’t think much of the bear ad. I didn’t think it made sense, actually. The wolf ad is much better; you can see it here. Unlike the bear ad, it makes a specific and devastating point: after the first terrorist attack on America, John Kerry voted to slash our intelligence funding. That’s why “voter reaction was so powerful,” I assume.


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