The Attack on Ann Coulter: It Wasn’t Funny

We’ve talked a lot about the growing violence of this year’s campaign, as Democrats have shot up at least two Bush-Cheney campaign headquarters, attacked Bush campaign volunteers, in some cases causing serious injuries, and have attacked more than a dozen Bush campaign offices, destroying property and trying to terrorize campaign workers. One would have to go back to 1968 to find a similar level of violence.
You probably know that when Ann Coulter was giving a speech last night at the University of Arizona, two liberals ran on the stage and tried to pelt her with pies. Juicee News Daily has the story and a link to a video of the attack, which is here.
The attack is much scarier than I would have imagined. The attackers run across the stage directly at Coulter, very fast. It must have been a frightening experience. Ann jumped out of the way and the attackers hit her on the shoulder; afterward, Ann made fun of their aim. But at the time, she had to be in fear for her life. It’s another instance of the left using violence to try to silence and intimidate its opponents. Fortunately, however, I doubt that Coulter scares easily.
UPDATE: A reader from the Netherlands makes an excellent point:

No, dear friends in America, the attack on Ann Coulter was certainly not funny. Here in the Netherlands we were immediately reminded of the pie attack on Pim Fortuyn, the Dutch anti-muslim leader. Few months after he was subjected to a pie attack, he was killed by people with the same ultra-left background.
In retrospect, the pie attack was seen as a harbinger of the mortal attack on the man who should have been our prime-minister.

ANOTHER UPDATE: One of the men who apprehended the Democrats who attacked Ann Coulter is a Power Line reader named Dennis Stonehocker. Here is his report:

I was the one who apprehended the one idiot who tried to escape by running to the left side of the stage and going down the steps where I was waiting.


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