Speaking of the World Series,

Here are five of my personal favorites:
1960 The Yankees crush the Pittsburgh Pirates three times, but the Bucs win the Series in the wildest seventh game I’ve ever seen on Mazeroski’s home run.
1968 The Detroit Tigers come back from 3-1 down to defeat the Cardinals. I win lots of money, including some of Rocket Man’s.
1975 The Red Sox extend Cincinnati’s Big Red Machine to the limit before falling. Famous for game six and Fisk’s home run.
1991 Minnesota over Atlanta in seven games, the last of which goes into extra innings scoreless.
2001 One dramatic game after another, culminating in the upset of the Yankess by Arizona on Gonzalez’s hit off off Rivera in game seven.
HINDROCKET adds: 1991 was good. 1987, too. I’d forgotten all about 1968 until you mentioned it. My theory was that no matter what else happened, the Tigers wouldn’t be able to beat Bob Gibson. I was wrong.
DEACON replies. Bob Gibson lost his first World Series appearance to the Yankees in 1964. He then won seven straight Series games, including game seven in 1964 and 1967. In game seven of the 1968 Series he was locked in a 0-0 tie with Mickey Lolich going into the seventh inning. The Tigers finally broke through when Curt Flood misplayed a Jim Northrup drive into a triple. So you were wrong, Rocket Man, but not far wrong.


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