Campaign Violence in Oregon

The Democrats’ campaign of violence and intimidation has spread from coast to coast. Now it’s hit Oregon:

Someone smashed the windows of the Multnomah County Republican office in Southeast Portland on Thursday, perhaps the latest sign some Oregonians have tossed out civility in their zeal to put their man in the White House.
Patrick Donaldson, volunteer chairman of the Bush campaign in Multnomah County, said the broken windows, discovered early in the morning, follow weeks of harassment, including threatening phone calls and people walking into the office and ripping up signs.

In Oregon, as elsewhere, responsible Democratic officials refuse to condemn the spreading violence:

Oregon Democratic Party officials said they do not condone smashing the windows of Republican offices and discourage such acts.
“But the fact is that the reason the Republican Party is feigning righteous indignation is because they don’t want to talk about the 30,000 jobs lost and the 180,000 Oregonians who have lost health care,” said Neel Pender, executive director of the state Democratic Party.

In other words: We’re Democrats, so violence is OK. That is the attitude that has swept across America, leaving our democracy more threatened than at any time since 1861.


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