Thune Hits Daschle Hard

In this year’s marquee Senate race, John Thune is giving Tom Daschle all he can handle. Polls show the race even, notwithstanding Daschle’s expenditure of astonishing sums in a state as thinly-populated as South Dakota. Daschle was once a fairly able man, but his many years in Washington, the considerable wealth he has accumulated through bribes paid to his wife (who describes herself as a “lobbyist,” but whose value as such derives from her ability to deposit checks into Daschle’s bank account), and his sense of entitlement have eroded his abilities to the point where he does not dare share a stage with the younger and far more impressive Thune.
Most recently, Daschle has been embarrassed by the fact that, in connection with his multi-million dollar mansion in the District of Columbia, he described himself in a legal document as a resident of the District–which, if true, would probably disqualify him from being a Senator from South Dakota. The sense that Daschle has not only outlived his usefulness, but has actually become an embarrassment to the state, is spreading quickly in South Dakota.
John Thune’s new ad combines a powerful attack on Daschle’s longstanding hypocrisy–pretending to be a conservative in South Dakota, while advancing a left-wing agenda in Washington–with the most recent revelations about Daschle’s ineligibility for the Senate seat he holds. You can view the ad here. It’s titled “In His Own Words,” and, like many of the most effective political ads, it consists of Daschle condemning himself.
It’s not too late to contribute to Thune’s campaign. Please do your part to upgrade the United States Senate by ridding it of the execrable Tom Daschle, bearing in mind that among Thune’s many virtues is the fact that he is a Power Line reader. And, as always, read Jon Lauck’s Daschle v. Thune for the latest on one of this year’s most important races.


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