History in the making

St. Cloud, Minnesota is in the heart of Gopher state Bush country, 60 miles west of the Twin Cities. It is also the home of St. Cloud State University, a zany outpost of political correctness. Correspondent Gary Gross writes from St. Cloud:

I just stopped at St. Cloud’s Bush-Cheney ’04 headquarters and was startled to find out that their office had handed out 20,000-plus BC ’04 yardsigns to greater St. Cloud area residents, something that’s never even been approached in years past. According to the lady at the BC’04 office, this blows away the previous record by thousands.
I also signed up to go doorknocking tomorrow night and to drive voters to the polls on election day. The excitement in the office is high and they don’t have enough workers to knock on doors of known Bush supporters this week.

Although we are only a week from election day, events at St. Cloud State are overshadowing the political news in St. Cloud. At homecoming festivities this past Thursday, Fue Khang of Minneapolis was named homecoming queen — the first male homecoming queen in the school’s history. (See “To boldly go where no man has gone before” by our friend King Banaian, St. Cloud State economics department chairman.) Gross adds:

By now, you’ve heard about the guy elected homecoming queen at St. Cloud State. My best friend’s wife was quoted in the St. Cloud Times’ Friday edition. This morning, the New York Times called and talked with her. The uproar over this event is huge and one can sense the uproar over this is changing votes daily. The bottom line to all this is that, based on this information, there isn’t a snowball’s prayer in hell that Kerry wins Minnesota.

Is it possible that St. Cloud State’s first gender-bending homecoming queen could boost President Bush’s prospects of carrying Minnesota? The theory carries great appeal to those of us in need of karmic relief.


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