Latest pro-Kerry spin slanders our troops

NRO’s Kerry spot has more on the missing explosives story. NBC correspondent Jim Miklaszewski is apparently now spinning the story in a pro-Kerry direction, suggesting that it’s “not clear” that the troops that reached the Al QaQaa facility came “anywhere near” the bunkers that reportedly contained the HMX and RDX. However, Kerry Spot readers who were there as military personnel remember it differently, and one of them questions whether the NBC people themselves came “anywhere near” the search. If they did not, that would explain why it’s “not clear” to NBC whether the troops got near those bunkers.
If this is a dispute about how much searching went on, I think one would have to credit the troops over the reporters. One might also wonder why President Bush would be to blame if (contrary to what appears to be the case) the troops missed this or that bunker at the facililty.


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