Freedom of Speech, Democrat Style

The Smoking Gun has the story on a Democrat’s attempt to run down Katherine Harris and several other Republicans with his car as they were campaigning in Florida:

A Florida man has been charged with attempting to run over controversial Republican congresswoman Katherine Harris with his Cadillac. According to the…Sarasota Police Department report, Barry Seltzer, 46, told cops that he was simply exercising his “political expression” when he drove his car at Harris and several supporters, who were campaigning last night at a Sarasota intersection. Seltzer allegedly drove up on a sidewalk and headed directly for Harris before swerving “at the last minute.” Harris told officers that “she was afraid for her life and could not move as the vehicle approached her,” according to the report. For his part, Seltzer–who’s a registered Democrat–told cops, “I intimidated them with the car. They were standing in the street.” He added, “I did not run them down, I scared them a little!”

The police report is here.
The party of hate has become a party of violence. I’ts only a matter of time, I’m afraid, before someone gets killed.


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