Voter Fraud in Wisconsin

Susan Tully, midwestern field director for the Federation for American Immigration Reform, became alarmed when she realized that the deputy registrar of voters in Racine, Wisconsin, was an illegal alien. To see whether her fears were justified, Tully sent two individuals from other states to Racine to register to vote. Here is what happened:

I wanted them to specifically tell this person they were illegal aliens, but that they wanted to register to vote — and she registered them both,” she says.

Tully sent the same individuals to the Milwaukee office of a Hispanic organization of which Racine’s deputy registrar is also the head:

The two activists received a similar response at the Milwaukee office of the Hispanic group. “This time one of the men in the office at least said it’s a felony to register someone who’s not a citizen to vote — but the office manager went ahead and registered them.”

Tully reports that the same Hispanic group has a stated goal of registering 20,000 new voters in Wisconsin. Al Gore carried Wisconsin in 2000 by 850 votes.
If Americans don’t get serious about voter fraud very soon, it will be too late. That is, if it’s not too late already.
CORRECTION: Reader Joe Kachelski points out that Gore’s margin of victory was 5,708.


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