Deqonstruqting the UN’s role

Our friends at the Heritage Foundation have alerted us to this excellent piece by foundation fellow Nile Gardiner tracing the evidence linking the United Nations to Qaqaagate: “Is the U.N. meddling in the U.S. presidential election?”
UPDATE: And don’t miss Clifford May’s NRO column: “Bomb-gate.”
DEACON adds: I strongly urge our readers to look at May’s column. First, it is probably the best summation of the issue I have seen. Second, it connects the story to a phenomenon I expect we’ll be seeing much more of — collusion between foreign entities, the MSM, and the Democratic Party to change U.S. policy through disinformation. Finally, May makes a point that hasn’t been emphasized enough — the ongoing failure of the U.N. to meet its obligation with respect to the weapons in question. The U.N. was too corrrupt, impotent or both to meet its responsibilities, and the U.S. should never again consider delegating our security interests to that body. Yet doing so would be the center-piece of John Kerry’s foreign policy.


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