Al Qaqaa story to take new direction?

Matt Drudge says that, within the hour, a soldier will tell reporters at the Pentagon that he was tasked with removing explosives from al Qaqaa and that he and his unit removed more than 200 tons.
HINDROCKET adds: This could be the death knell for the Kerry campaign. He has staked a lot on this story without having any idea whether it was true or not. If the evidence is that 200+ tons were destroyed by our forces, then, along with the 100+ tons that disappeared while they were being “guarded” by the U.N., the 370 tons are accounted for, and Kerry has falsely accused our Army of incompetence.
The only open question, assuming there is a basis for the Drudge report, is whether the 200+ tons that were destroyed were the RDX, HMX and PETN that were the subject of the original story. There were vast quantities of explosives at Al Qaqaa, of which these materials were only a portion.
By the way, I finally viewed the KSTP video. It proves nothing whatsoever. It shows troops discovering some explosive materials which are clearly not the ones in question. Then it shows video footage of the outside of a building that has an IAEA seal on it. Next it shows someone peeking into the building through a ventilation shaft. The video says that the soldiers and the camera crew did not enter that building.
So the video is worthless. We already know that approximately one-half of the materials stored under seal disappeared before January 2003; that has been acknowledged by the IAEA. Whether the other half was still there is anybody’s guess. Without going inside, opening the containers, extracting the explosives and testing them, we know nothing about what was in the building at the time of the video.
One more connection between the KSTP video and the Drudge story–the Drudge headline says the soldier was assigned to the 101st Airborne to carry out demolition on April 13; the KSTP video was filmed on April 18.