Bush’s Swing State Ace In the Hole

The Kerry Spot made an excellent point today: President Bush has a significant advantage in swing states because of the top-quality surrogates he has campaigning on his behalf. Today the President is campaigning with Arnold Schwarzenegger in Ohio and New Hampshire. Tommy Franks, the President’s father and John McCain were all in Florida today. Rudy Giuliani is in Iowa, and Mitt Romney is chipping in in Michigan, where his father was once governor.
Think about it–that is really an amazing lineup of supporters who are not only top-flight public servants, but are capable of generating real excitement wherever they go. What comparable political figures does John Kerry have stumping for him? Ted Kennedy? Howard Dean? The best he can muster is a few appearances by Bill Clinton, whose heart condition prevents him from doing much on Kerry’s behalf. Which, I suspect, is exactly how Clinton wants it.
The photo below shows President Bush campaigning with Arnold in Ohio:
It’s not a politically relevant point, but, as the photo shows, Arnold is actually not a very big guy these days.
UPDATE: Oh, yes, I forgot. Kerry has Bruce Springsteen with him. Somehow, I don’t think it’s the same. The voters are serious this year.


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