Daschle Brings in the Lawyers

The Washington Post reports on how Tom Daschle is responding to finding himself behind in the polls:

Is Senate Minority Leader Thomas A. Daschle (D-S.D.) getting panicky in his reelection bid against former representative John Thune? Republicans gleefully note that after a newspaper poll showed Thune in the lead this week, Daschle’s long-standing ban on third-party ads abruptly ended, and a chartered planeload of Democratic lawyers, lobbyists and loyalists is scheduled to fly from Washington to Sioux Falls today.
“There’s almost a panic [among Democrats] around the nation about Daschle being able to cling to his seat,” Thune campaign manager Dick Wadhams said.
Bringing in the planeload of lawyers and other volunteers from Washington is simply prudent in the post-2000 election world, Daschle spokesman Dan Pfeiffer said.

Translation: in the “post-2000 election world,” if a powerful and well-financed Democrat loses an election, he’ll bring in squadrons of lawyers and try to steal it. Let’s all hope that Thune wins big enough to make theft impossible.
Which is possible, I think. The Post article notes that the Zogby poll that recently showed Thune in the lead actually had Thune so far ahead that the pollsters didn’t believe it. So they adjusted their assumptions and reduced Thune’s lead to three points. Which tells you something about the “science” of polling.


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