Swift Boat Vets Come to Minnesota

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported yesterday that the Swift Boat Vets have placed a $500,000 television ad buy in Minnesota. A Swiftee spokesman said: “We had some extra donations and figured that Minnesota would be a good place to put the money.” Until now, Swift Boat Vets’ ads have been seen in Minnesota only on cable television.
The Strib is impressed: “The ad buy is huge by Minnesota standards. Political campaigns in the state typically spend no more than $250,000 for a full week’s advertising.”
A Kerry spokesman responded with the usual denigration of the Swiftees:

[A] Kerry spokesman said the Swift Boat Vets have “been discredited time and time again, but it’s not surprising that they would bring this garbage up again close to Election Day.”
He said the Navy, sailors who served directly with Kerry and the families of those “who died beside John Kerry have all verified John Kerry’s brave service to his country.”

No word on what exactly has been discredited. And, for what it’s worth, no one “died beside John Kerry” while he was in Vietnam. But the Kerry campaign’s standard is, if it sounds good, say it.