If It’s a Joke, It’s Kind of Funny

There were reports that Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling had backed off his endorsement of President Bush, but that turns out not to be true. Schilling has recorded a phone message that says: “These past couple of weeks, Sox fans … trusted me when it was my turn on the mound. Now you can trust me on this: President Bush is the right leader for our country.” The message will be played to voters in New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Maine.
What makes this story worthwhile is the reaction of the Kerry camp:

Kerry spokesman David Wade reminded baseball-crazed voters that when George W. Bush was owner of the Texas Rangers he voted against creation of the wild card. The Red Sox, of course, qualified for the playoffs through the wild card.
”When legions of Sox fans go to the polls on Tuesday, they’ll remember that if George Bush had his way the Red Sox wouldn’t have ever won the World Series,” Wade said in a statement.
For good measure, Wade also reminds that Bush ”traded Sammy Sosa.”

I can’t tell whether Wade is kidding. His response is really pretty funny, but no one associated with the Kerry campaign has been known to have a sense of humor. If he’s not joking, Wade just made the worst argument in the history of American politics.
UPDATE: Reader Michael Grant points out that the Sammy Sosa deal shows that when President Bush actually does make a mistake, he admits it.


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